This may be caused by a few reasons, from the network connection to switching the app during loading.  If your app is not loading, please follow these indications:

  1. Ensure you are connected to a network. If you are connected, please check if you are able to connect to other apps or websites (such as to ensure your network is active.
  2. While launching the app, wait until the app is fully loaded and launched. Switching the app while loading may keep it in pending state.  In this case, try forcing the app to close and launch again. Instructions on how to kill the app on iPhone or Android.
  3. Please ensure you have the latest version of our app or you don't have any pending updates.  It is always recommended you configure for auto-update, as we are continually improving the app and new updates will offer more stability and functionality.
  4. If none of the above work, please try uninstalling and re-installing the latest version of the app from AppStore or PlayStore. (This approach works in most cases)

These will take care of most cases where the app is not performing well.  However, if you're still having problems, please write to us at and we will investigate on our end to help you get going as soon as possible.