Bloomz Application provides a premium feature that enables users to create their own Template for their District(s)/School(s), “Email Stationery Template”

Please reach out to our Bloomz support team to get this feature for your District/School.

To Create your own Email Stationery Template follow the following steps:

This feature is only available for Admins of District/School.

Login to Our Application.

Navigate to a School/District you are admin of.

Open School/District Settings

Choose Edit Settings option.

Go to “Templates” Section

Select “Email Stationery Templates” sub section.

There you can find an option “Create a new template” Click on it to start the “Email Stationery Templates” option.

You Can Name a Title to your Template, and design your own template.

You can use the provided list of options to design your template. For example, you can add your header, Footer, District/School Logo just like a Letterhead.

To create header and footer and image to our template we need to use few options

Use “Table” option > 1 row to add Header and Footer.

After adding Header and Footer, Use Table options to Edit/Modify the look and feel of the elements.

User “Insert Image” option to add image to our template.

We have Image options to modify the image as shown below.

After adding Footer to the template,as shown below

Place the cursor above the footer and click on “Insert content Placeholder” option to place the post content placeholder.

You have to choose where to keep, content holder using “Inter Content Placeholder” option, where the Post’s Description will go.

And the final step is to hit “Create” button to create the Template.

Now, we can see the newly created template in the list

Clicking on the Template will open the Template options.

We have different options for templates:

Setting as Default and Edit the Template

We can Duplicate the Template using “Duplicate Template” to amend new addins to the duplicated template.

We can delete the Template using “Delete Template” option.

Click on “Done’ on Settings page to finish the settings

Navigate to the District/School, Click on “Create” to open Launcher

We use, “Post” , “Announcement” and “Alert” options and Open forms to post content/message to District/School

We can see “Email Stationery” option and click on it, to select the list of Email Stationery Templates we created.

Select a Template from the list

We add the content we wish to Post.

Click on “Post” > “Send Post”

After we post, recipients/ District/School members will receive the email for this post.

And this post will contain the template we created and selected while posted.

And this is how Post would be in the email.