Bloomz provides a way to add/Invite Student,Parents and other staff roles in bulk, via Bulk CSV Import feature. You provide this mainly to Districts and Schools. For doing so, you have to follow a few steps.

Log on to our Bloomz Application.

Select a School/District from the Left navigation menu.

Please note: Bulk CSV Import flow is the same for Districts and for Schools. 

Navigate inside to a District. There are 2 ways to start Bulk CSV Import flow

  1. From the school manage members tab.

    1. Staff Tab

    2. Parents Tab

  2. From the school settings page.

> From District/School > Select “Manage” Section

Go to the Subsection of Manage >  “Parents” and “Staff”  sections

There you can find the “+Parent” / “+member” button on the Middle Panel > Top right corner. Click on it.

Click on the “Bulk Import” option to start the Student/ Parent bulk import CSV process.

From Manage > Staff tab, Click on the “+Member” tab to open the Staff Bulk Import flow.

Click on “Teacher” role,

Choose Bulk Import flow, to start the Staff bulk import flow.

> From School Settings Page

Select School Settings icon

Select the “Edit Settings” Option

Choose the Bulk Import Section on the school settings page.

Select “Bulk CSV Import” option to start the import process.

You can find 

Teacher/Staff upload

Parent/Staff Upload and 

Group List,School list – downloads the list of Group/Classes/School within the District/School with their respective Id’s, Sids, group type and group name.

Language List - downloads the list of Languages bloomz application supports.

Click on “Click to download template or upload new files” buttons to open “Bulk Import” screen.

You can download sample templates by clicking on “Click to download Bulk Import Template”

This will open a screen that will help us to download the CSV template you would like to have

You can see the list of options “Parent Info”  and “Student Info” and their profile attributes you need in your CSV. 

Scroll down to see the next set of items.

After selecting your requirements, click on the “Download Bulk Import Spreadsheet” button to download the Template CSV file.

Open download CSV Spreadsheet and add the details you want to import.

Click on “Done” on top right corner of the screen to get back to prior screen.

Scroll down the screen to see the options.

“Full data” to reset existing data and “Archive” existing data and Select Invitation options as shown below.

Click on “Upload your spreadsheet(CSV)” option open file manager, when you have to select the CSV spreadsheet you want to import.

On Upload the CSV file, it will take you to “Invite Parents/Staff” Screen. When you need to enter any message by invitation. 

Click on “Send” to start the upload process.

It will list the errors, if your file has any errors or corrections needed. If the file has all the details File processing will start, you will get a confirmation message by a toast.

Scroll the page, where you can find the status of the uploaded csv file

Click on “File last uploaded” link to download the file.

You don’t need to be on the same screenYou can dismiss the screen on clicking “Done” on top right corner of the screen. 

Finally, the Imported list of students/Parents/Staff are listed in the Manage > Parents/Students/Staff tab.