Supported CSV Import Formats:

Bloomz offers CSV imports, which enable users to upload data (add/update data) from CSV files to Bloomz schools and districts. We can import CSV files at 

  1. District level.

  2. School level. Both follow similar steps.

2 Formats supported: V1 and V2 formats. 

Districts can choose one of the formats below that may be best suited for their exports. However, at the school level, currently, only the V1 format is supported. 

  1. Bloomz V1 Import format (2 file format)

    1. Staff and Groups file

    2. Students and Parents file

  2. Bloomz V2 Import format (6 file format)

    1. School

    2. Classes

    3. Staff

    4. Students

    5. Contacts

    6. Membership

The following links provide detailed instructions for file formats. downloading the templates, importing them manually or via SFTP location as well review the status for each of the formats:

  1. Bloomz CSV V1 Import Guide
  2. Bloomz CSV V2 Import Guide

Which format should I choose?

It may depends on which file is easier to produce from your current sources. Please review both formats and choose what data format is easiest to produce.