Bloomz' Behavior Management feature helps teachers create a positive environment in their classrooms, by rewarding students who display positive conduct and tracking behavior that needs work. We are excited to announce that school administrators also have additional controls to standardize, track and monitor these behaviors across the school.

With this add-on to the School Premium subscription, administrators will be able to define what behaviors are used, rewarded and penalized across the school, encouraging common conduct norms across all classrooms. 

We have also added the concept of "Flags", which adds an extra layer of tracking to monitor students' conduct. These flags don't add or remove points from a student, but allow for specific trends to be monitored based on the students' actions:

These flags are also easily tracked in your student roster, so you can take a quick snapshot of all students:

With the school-wide controls, any staff member can register behaviors for students and even add the location where they happen (locations can also be customized). So, a teacher who witnesses a students kind behavior at the cafeteria can now reward the student accordingly:

Teachers and administrators can see a student's behavior report by week, month or year, or for a specific date/period.  Administrators can see reports school-wide as well for the same intervals.