If you recently received a message on your app or through email that you've ran out of storage space in your account, don't worry. When you surpass your limit, you are not locked out of your account and you'll still be able to post text to your classroom or group, create events, send messages and anything that doesn't include a photo, video or attached document.

Having said that, there are a few things you can do to continue to enjoy Bloomz:

  1. Ask your administrator to schedule a call with our team to discuss a Premium subscription for your school. You can also email sales@bloomz.com with any additional questions.
  2. You can upgrade to a teacher premium account that will give you unlimited storage and a few other premium features.
  3. You can also delete media to stay within the 125 item limit. Please click on <Show For All Groups > in the left menu and click on the Media tab, click Albums on the app, and select the enough items in the "Photos Added By You" album and remove, so you can bring your count down and continue to share photos, video and documents through the app.

We know storage limits are a little inconvenience to our users, but we hope you understand that we need to set these limits on free accounts to keep our business running for many years to come, and continue to offer the high quality service you expect from us.

If this is your first notice, you will still be able to add images, video and documents for now. We are, however, giving this advance notice to all our users in this situation, so they can prepare and take appropriate action.