Sponsorships are the innovative way Bloomz is able to offer teachers and school administrators all the benefits of parent communication and coordination available in the basic Bloomz suite, at no cost.

Through this collaborative model, companies and other organizations help teachers and parents connect by sponsoring a certain number of classrooms or schools, providing the resources to keep the Bloomz service free and available to more and more communities around the globe.

To learn more about Bloomz sponsorships: Bloomz Sponsorships Q&A

If you wish to disable sponsorships in your classroom(s), follow the steps below.

  • Click on your profile icon/avatar in the top-left navigation menu.

  • Select Account Settings.

  • Click Account Level.

  • Click the toggle button next to "Sponsorships" to disable these in your classrooms. 

*You can also choose to upgrade your account to Teacher Premium here as well. This will also remove the sponsorships from your account.

NOTE: Disabling sponsorships will downgrade you to a basic account with only 125 items of storage. You might need to delete items in your account if you disable sponsorships. Follow this link to learn more about deleting items from your account to clear storage space: Media limits Reached - What are the options

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