The Bloomz Community Activity Library allows you to search and copy activities shared by other Bloomz teachers. 

  • Click the Media Library icon above your feed. 

  • Click on the Community library to view activities shared from other Bloomz teachers. You can also view the School & District activities library if your school has a Bloomz for Schools subscription, or My Library to view your own created activities.

  • On the main feed, you can view newly created activities from the Community library or review popular authors that have shared content. Click the "All Grades" filter and "Subject" or even use the "Search" tool to review content.

  • Double click on the activity to view it in more detail. You can review the student and teacher instructions. If you would like to review the attached media or template further, click Options.

  • Click Add to Collection

  • Click bullet point next to My Library or create a new folder. Click Done.
  • You can now navigate to My Library to open, edit, and assign this activity.

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