When your co-teacher or your school admin invites you to join your class on Bloomz, you will receive an invitation code in the email. To create an account using that invitation code, please follow these steps from the mobile application:

  • Click Create Account
  • Select Join Class/Group
  • Copy-paste the invitation code that you received in the email in ENTER CODE field
  • Click Next
  •  Enter your First Name, Last name 
  • Click Language and select your preferred language 
  • Email gets prefilled and the user cannot edit it
  • Type a Password (Enter a minimum of 8 Character, Need at least one number and one letter)
  • Select the I agree to the terms and policy checkbox 
  • Click Sign Up
  • You will see the Class Invite from your co-teacher
  • Click Join Class

Note: Your account is created and will view the class that you joined in your left navigation tray.