Integrating Skyward with your School in our Bloomz Application requires a series of steps.

Log on to our Bloomz Application.

Select your School from the Left navigation menu.

Here, you have two ways to process Skyward Bulk Import 

  1. From the school manage members tab.

  2. From the school settings page.

> From School > Select “Manage” Section 

Go to the Subsection of Manage tab  >  “Classes/Groups” section

There you can find “Skyward” active logo, click on it to start Skyward Import process

> From School Settings Page

Select School Settings icon

Select the “Edit Settings” Option

Choose the Bulk Import Section on the school settings page.

You can find “Skyward Import” option in the list of “Bulk Import” options

Open “Skyward Import” option.

To start, you need to “Click to link to skyward” 

This will open a form, where you need to add Skyward details “Client id”, “Secret key” and “Server Url”. All these necessary details will be provided by Skyward.

How to find data needed in Skyward:

1. Client ID

2. Secret Key

3. Integration URL

Steps to get client ID and secret key

This is located under product setup - skyward contact access --> secured user --> search for the user who has permission for all data (You can create one for Bloomz if needed) --> Click on the API button (will be at the bottom of the right panel) to view credentials.

Steps to get Integration url

Product Setup → Skyward Contact Access → District Setup → Configuration → API Configuration

  • Appserver:
  • Authentication URL:
  • OneRoster API URL:
  • Swagger Test URL:

Fill in the details and then click “Save” this will link Skyward details to bloomz.

After the submission of details, you will see the list of Schools linked with the given details. 

Now, We need to select a school we need to link to.

On selecting a School, it will open list of options as shown in the image below

You can choose necessary options and proceed with the import process.

You can select “Invite from” to choose a school administrator or his equivalent role to send invitations on your behalf. and the “Notify to” option sends the import status to the list of roles in the school.

There is another option to schedule our import process by clicking on the “Scheduled import from ClassLink” toggle button.

Click on “Import Now”, 

It will pop up a dialogue where you can choose to “Full data” reset and “Archive” existing data and Select Invitation options as shown below.

Click on “Save” to start the Import process. You can see a message saying “Sync in progress” message.

Now, you can dismiss the settings page by clicking on the Done button.

After a while, you can find the list of Classes imported from Skyward from School > Manage > Clases/Groups Section

And, list of Parents invited, imported from Skyward, from Manage > Parents section

And list of the Student imported from Skyward, from School > Manage > Students section,

And list of staff members imported from Skyward, from schoo> manage > staff section.

Finally, once the import gets completed, you will receive an “Bulk Import Status” email. And also you can check the status of import from> School >Settings > Bulk Import > Skyward import. As shown below.

Click on “Last Import Status” to see the Skyward Import status details.