**Please note: Powerschool import uses the Contacts page for a student**

  1. Installing Bloomz Plugin in Powerschool:

Admin should 

  1. Install this Bloomz plug-in 

  2. Enable this plug-in and grant permission.

  3. Then click on the plug-in and collect the 3 values:

     - client ID

     - Client Secret

     - URL (server address ending with .com)

In order to successfully install a new plugin, the plugin installation file must have a .xml or .zip extension.

Note: Please scroll to find the attached Bloomz Plugin zip file at the bottom of this article. 

Note: If the plugin installation file includes a PowerQuery, the PowerQuery name may not exceed 200 characters.

How to Install Bloomz Plugin in PowerSchool?

  1. On the start page, choose System under Setup in the main menu. 

  2. Under Server, click System Settings

  3. Click Plugin Management Configuration

  4. Click Install

  5. Do one of the following:

    • Click Choose File to select the Bloomz plugin installation file to install.

    • Click Browse... to browse for a plugin.

  6. Click Install

  1. Configuring PowerSchool Import In Bloomz:

Integrating PowerSchool with your School in our Bloomz Application requires a series of steps.

  1. Log on to our Bloomz Application.
  2. Select a School from the Left navigation menu:

Select the School Settings icon

Select the “Edit Settings” Option

Choose the Bulk Import Section on the school settings page.

We can see the “PowerSchool Import” option in the list of “Bulk Import” options

Select the “PowerSchool Import” option to start the import process.

To start, we need to “Click to link to PowerSchool” 

This will open a form, where we need to add PowerSchool details “Client id”, “Secret key” and “Server Url”. PowerSchool will provide all these.

Fill in the details and then click “Save” this will Link PowerSchool details to Bloomz:

After submitting the details, we will see the list of Schools Linked with the given details. 

Now, We need to select the school we need to link to.

On selecting a School, it will open a list of options as shown in the image below

You can choose from the list of options and proceed with the import process. PowerSchool provides Term Id and Expression.

You can select “Invite from” to choose a school administrator or his equivalent role to send invitations on your behalf. and the “Notify to” option sends the import status to the list of roles in the school.

There is another option to schedule our import process by clicking on the “Scheduled import from PowerSchool” toggle button.

Click on “Import Now”:

It will pop up a dialogue where we can choose to “Full data” reset and “Archive” existing data and select Invitation options as shown below

Click on “Save” to start the Import process. We can see a message saying “Sync in progress” message.

We can see the import status by clicking on “Last Import Status”.

You can dismiss the settings page by clicking on the Done button.

After PowerSchool Sync is Successful, you can see all the imported classes in the Class/Groups section.

PowerSchool : https://www.powerschool.com/

3. Bloomz Plugin zip file:

Please download the Bloomz plugin zip file from the attachment below: