There are 6 different roles of members in a Bloomz Class or Room

Admins and/or teachers can invite members to these roles, and also change members' roles at any time.


  • Elementary Mode: Students in Elementary Mode can only submit work to their portfolios and in assignments and view teacher posts. No passwords are needed - students use a Common QR code to enter Bloomz. Learn more Signing into Bloomz as a Student

  • Middle/High School Mode: Students who are in Middle/High School Mode can enter Bloomz through an email address and password, and can submit work to their portfolios and assignments, view behavior and health check timelines if teacher allows, view and comment/like if teacher allows, and use Bloomz messaging. Learn more: Teacher- Adding Student Accounts in Middle/High School Mode


  • Can view posts, communicate with other members through messaging and/or comments, sign-up for calendar events and conferences, view their child(ren)'s timelines (portfolio, assignments, behavior), view and add photos to class albums.

Room Parent:

  • Can assist teacher in managing class posts and calendar sign-ups/events.


  • Can manage everything in the class - class settings, members, calendars and sign-ups, create activities & assign them, manage behavior, etc.

Class Admin:

  • Can manage class information, settings, and members, and notified of all class communication.

School Admin:

  • For Bloomz Premium for Schools, admins have oversight into all communication, engagement, health check data, and behavior analytics across schools. School admins have the ability to sync roster information with Clever, Google Classroom, bulk import, and help continue to manage this through regular updates.

NOTE: If you are creating a group in Bloomz, note that there are only two roles - Members and Group Administrators.

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