I am added to Bloomz via Email by one child's teacher and am added by phone number by another child's teacher. How do I merge email and phone number accounts? 


I am signed in to Bloomz with two accounts, one phone number, and another email account. How can I merge these two? 

We do not support ability to merge accounts at the parent level. This is task is dedicated to the Administration of the Community.

To avoid logging out and logging in every time with a different account - 

  • You can ask the second teacher to add your email/ phone number that you want to keep, to her class. You will see an invitation in the notification center (bell icon) at the top right inside the app. Accepting that will add you to her class. 
  • (OR)
  • Ask the teacher to support the merge of the two accounts in the community to avoid these issues. They will need to reach out to the Administration to complete this task.

If you want to keep both the accounts. You will need to sign out and sign in every time.  To sign out click on the settings icon in the left menu, click Account Settings and you will the sign out as an option.

Please write to support@bloomz.com, if you need further assistance.