Once students have submitted the assignment, the teacher will receive a notification and has the opportunity to review and post feedback.

There are two options for reviewing submitted assignments from students. If you prefer to approve student submissions in bulk, click here for instructions: How do I approve student submissions in bulk?

  1. OPTION: Teachers can approve, reject, and post feedback through the Notifications icon.
    • Click the Notifications icon (bell) in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
    • Under All tab and Submissions tab, click either Accept, Reject, or Post Feedback.||||
      • Accept: Will approve the assignment.
      • Reject: Will send a notification back to the parent/student that this assignment was rejected. 
      • Post Feedback: Will open up the submission to add comments and share feedback to the     parent/student.

NOTE: If an assignment is rejected, the student/parent can always go back to the Assignment feed and submit a new version.

2. OPTION: Through the Class, click on Assignments.

  • Click on Class in the left-navigation menu.
  • Click the Assignments tab at the top of the feed.
  • Click on the Assignment to open up the student submissions.

  • Below the Assignment, view the student submissions. Click the Assignment you wish to review.

  • Select to View Response, Approve Response, Reject Response, or Post Feedback. Click Cancel to return to the previous screen.

Additional Resources:

  • How to Post Feedback to a Student Submission (Assignment)