We launched Class Archive, a new feature for Premium users so teachers can “close” a class, remove the content from their main feed and focus on the current year. 


To archive a class

  • Click on your class in the left menu 
  • Click class Settings at the top of your class feed
  • Click Archive – at this point the class will be archived and removed from your left navigation

To Unarchive a class

After you’ve archived a class, a new item will show at the bottom of your left navigation:

  • In the left menu 
  • Scroll to the bottom 
  • Click Archived 
  • Click Unarchive.

Clicking on “Archived” will show you the list of classes or groups you have archived in the past, from where you can also UnArchive the class, which will “open” it again and make it available from your main feed.

An archived class will also be removed from the parents’ feed and they will no longer be able to access the content in it. If you want parents to keep the media in it, we recommend you let them know in advance, so they can go in and download any pictures or documents they want to keep (maybe post an announcement timed up to the moment you’ll archive the class).