Bloomz Introduces Robocalling, Allowing Schools to Deliver Audio Messages to Parents. Robocalling is only available to Schools or Districts under a Premium subscription with Robocalling. 

So, if you’re a teacher, let your administrator know about this feature!

If you are already a subscriber under an all-inclusive package (or if you are not sure), you can reach out to your Bloomz sales ( to enable it for your school. 

Once your school is set up for premium and Robocalling is enabled, you can start sending the updates through Robocalling in addition to posting them to your school feed. Here is how it works.


1. To send a Robocall

  • Click on Create Post/ Alert/ Announcement from quick links button
    • Optionally, select from any existing drafts or templates
    • Next, choose recipients and click next to arrive at the post create screen
  • Click on the Robocalling Off (default is OFF) button to make sure the button is turned into Robocalling On 
  • Compose your post and click Post
  • Click Send Post
  • If you plan to save it and send later 
  • Click on Save as a template 
  • If you cancel out of the form you will be given an option to Save as a draft

2. To record an audio message and send it through Robocalling

You can also add a recorded message to your update and send it

Click Create Post/ Alert/ Announcement

Click on the Robocalling Off button to enable it

Make sure the button is turned into Robocalling On

Click Audio 

Click Record Audio/ Attach Audio 

Record /Attach your message 

Click Post 

Click Save as Template / Send Post

3. Advanced: Customize messages

By default, Bloomz will automatically convert your text to an audio clip (Text-to-Speech). However, you have the option to customize it yourself by recording your own audio. To do this, uncheck the “Text-to-Speech” option.

To customize the VOICE CONTENT  

  • Click on the Advanced: customize messages
  • Click Voice Content 
  • Uncheck Automatically convert using text-speech from Post Content
  • Record an Audio message to be sent as Voice by clicking the Audio button below

By default, Bloomz will automatically generate SMS text from post content. However, you have the option to customize it yourself by typing in the TEXT to be sent via SMS. To do this, uncheck the “Automatically generate SMS” option.

To customize the SMS CONTENT  

  • Click on the Advanced: customize messages
  • Click SMS Content 
  • Uncheck Automatically generate SMS text from Post content 
  • Custom type the message TEXT to be sent as SMS by typing the content in the text box

To customize the content for a specific Language 

With the Advanced Options, Bloomz also allows you to customize alternative language versions of your post. For example, if you want the Spanish version of your post to say something specific and not depend on the automatic translation - 

  • Click on the Language
  • Select the language you want
  • Edit the Email/ post content, Voice Content, or SMS Content to your liking.

PS: Notice that if you don’t customize the language options, the recipients of your post will still receive it in their preferred language according to their settings, using the automatic translation already in Bloomz.

4. Not seeing the Robocall button in your post? Here is how you can enable it

If you are not seeing the Robocalling button in your post/ announcement/ alert, please check your community settings page to see if the Robocall option is enabled or not. 

  • Click on the Settings icon on the top of your community page 
  • Click General

5. Parents are not getting the Robocall?  

Please note that parents can configure whether to receive Robocall messages or not. By default, all phone accounts are set with TEXT notifications but can be optionally changed by parents to receive ROBOCALL ONLY or TEXT & ROBOCALL for Posts and announcements.

However, for Alerts, all parents that have a registered phone number will automatically receive a ROBOCALL as well if that choice is enabled by the sender while sending the alert. 

To help ensure parents can add primary/secondary phone numbers to receive Robocalls, please share this article with your parents to enable robocalling. Robo Calling - Parents

Administrator Tip: If you would like to download your Bloomz parent roster and update/add phone numbers to the accounts, please refer to the following article: Download Parent & Staff Contact Information from Bloomz

Additional Resources: