Year-End Pack is not Available for the end of the 2018-19 school year!!!

School year is coming to an end, and for a limited time, Bloomz is offering parents the opportunity to purchase a Year-End Pack, which consists of 30 days of convenient access to the photos and videos in their classroom, including:

  • Ability to customize the class year-end video
  • Unlimited photo and video downloads
  • Bulk downloads
  • Mobile sharing of photos and videos


1.    How much does the Year-End Pack cost?

The Year-Pack gives parents 30 days of convenient access to the photos and videos in their classroom, including a personalized year-end video, available for download on all devices,individually or in bulk, for only $12.99.

2.    Why is Bloomz charging now?

Bloomz basic service is still free and will continue to be free. However, as membership and usage increases, so are our costs for storing and delivering the large amounts of photos and videos shared in our app. As we continue with our mission to connect parents with their kids’ world, we have developed premium products, so we may continue to offer our valuable service to educators and parents for years to come. 

3.    Can I still enjoy the media in Bloomz at no cost?

Yes. All media shared by educators and parents in Bloomz is still available to you at no cost inside the Bloomz app, both on desktop and mobile devices. With the Bloomz Year-End Pack, we are not only offering new functionality to customize the class' year-end video, but also new ways to download and share media in full resolution that were not available before.

4.    Do I still own the media I upload and share on Bloomz?

Yes. You still retain ownership of the content you share on Bloomz and the content you upload into the app will be made available to you for viewing or download.

5.    How is the Year-End Pack different than the Convenience Pack?

The Year-End pack is a limited time product we are releasing now to help parents at the end of the school year and who would like to get convenient access to their child's pictures and video, as well as to customize their class year-end video, without committing to a yearly subscription. The Convenience Pack does not include the year end video. 

6.    If I already purchased the Convenience Pack, can I also get the Year-End Pack?

If you already purchased the Convenience Pack, you don't need to purchase the Year-End Pack, because you get all the same functionality, for a full year - a great deal!


In addition to our app Terms & Conditions, people who purchase the Year-End Pack agree to the following terms:

Not all content, including but not limited to pictures, audio and video, may be available for download. Your access to mobile and bulk downloads is effective for 1 calendar month starting with your purchase. Your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. The Bloomz Year-End Pack is not a license for or purchase of any kind to the rights of the images, video or audio contained in the items downloaded. Bloomz does not own the rights to this content and only charges for convenient access to it. As established in our app Terms & Conditions, Bloomz assumes all rights to the content submitted to its service are owned by the person submitting it, who in turn grants a license to Bloomz to access for the sole purpose of distributing it to allowed persons. Please read our app Terms & Conditions for all details on user submission rights, copyright violations and DMCA compliance. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms. Any terms established herein complement and supersede those in our app Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions about this subscription, please write to us at