Bloomz offers parents an easy and quick way to download and share media posted on Bloomz, in full resolution, and without restrictions called the Bloomz Convenience Pack. This new subscription takes nothing away from our free offering, instead of adding value to parents for whom downloading pictures and video on the go is important. Here is how the Bloomz Convenience Pack compares to the free offering:



Convenience Pack
$1.67/month billed annually
Picture & Video Downloads
Quick download
Full albums
Continued access
Print (not full)
Ends with class archive
Mobile and Desktop
Media Sharing
Social media sharing
Share to other apps



1.    Why is Bloomz charging now?

Bloomz in its current form is still free and will continue to be free forever. However, as membership and usage increases, so are our costs for storing and delivering the large amounts of photos and videos shared in our app. As we continue with our mission to connect parents with their kids’ world, we have developed new premium products, on top of the free app and services you already use and love, so we can build the foundation for the business, while continuing to offer both educators and parents a free platform to connect, coordinate and communicate for years to come. 

Rest assured that your satisfaction and continued preference are our top priority. As we continue to develop new features and functionality, we will make sure that we are providing additional value to our users.

2.    Can I still enjoy the media in Bloomz at no cost?

Yes. All media shared by educators and parents in Bloomz is still available to you at no cost inside the Bloomz app, both on desktop and mobile devices. With the Bloomz Convenience Pack, we are offering new ways to download and share media in full resolution that were not available before.

3.    Do I still own the media I upload and share on Bloomz?

Yes. You still retain ownership of the content you share on Bloomz and the content you upload into the app will be made available to you for viewing or download.

4.    How does class archiving work?

After the school year ends, teachers will be able to archive their classes to mark the end of the school cycle. Parents who subscribe to our Convenience Pack, will continue to have access to the media shared and archived in that class as long as they keep their subscription current.

5. My entire school uses Bloomz for Schools Premium. Do I still need to download the parent convenience pack to download media?

If your school subscribes to the Bloomz for Schools Convenience Pack, parents will receive these features as part of this subscription, so will not need to upgrade to the convenience pack to enjoy these features.


Terms & Conditions, subscribers to our Convenience Pack, agree to the following terms:

Not all content, including but not limited to pictures, audio and video, may be available for download. Your subscription is effective for 1 calendar year starting with your purchase. Your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically within 24 hours prior to the end of the current term at the then current price. You may cancel at any time by emailing You may ask for a refund within the first 15 days as long as no content has been downloaded after payment. Bloomz Convenience Pack is not a license for or purchase of any kind to the rights of the images, video or audio contained in the items downloaded. Bloomz does not own the rights to this content and only charges for convenient access to it. As established in our app Terms & Conditions, Bloomz assumes all rights to the content submitted to its service are owned by the person submitting it, who in turn grants a license to Bloomz to access for the sole purpose of distributing it to allowed persons. Please read our app Terms & Conditions for all details on user submission rights, copyright violations and DMCA compliance. By purchasing our subscription plan, you agree to these terms. Any terms established herein complement and supersede those in our app Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions about this subscription or want to enable the Convenience Pack for your whole school, please write to us at

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