To Get Verified 

Bloomz allows a teacher to create her class by associating it with a school. If the school already has a community set up in Bloomz. Then that school is called a verified school community. In order to create a class in that school the teacher has to be part of that community first. Hence the teacher needs to submit her request to join the community. 


Limited Access to the Community

The Teacher who has submitted the request to join a verified school community will see the community in their left navigation tray. Tapping on the community name will open the Community page but the user has limited access to the community. The content in the community will not be seen.

Verification by Admin 

The admin of the verified school community can verify a member's request to join the community  - by following the steps below. 

  1. Go to the community . 
  2. Tap Members
  3. If there are any verification requests, Verification Requests section will show up
  4. Click on Verification Requests
  5. The name of the user, the role (Teacher/ Parent) which they are requesting to join is listed below the name.
  6. Clicking  Verify, will make them part of the community
  7. Clicking Decline, will remove them from the community


PS: The verification requests will show up in the Home as posts and also show up in the My Contacts.

Verifying a teacher will add her as Teacher to the community. She can then create her class.