Are your parents saying that they cannot access the class page and do not see any updates from you and they show as unverified members in the class? That means, their request to join the class is pending approval. 

When are parents in Unverified state and have limited access to the class?

  • When you give Parent Access Code to your parents and turn ON "I want to manually approve each and every request to join the class" 
  • When your class has Student Portfolio or Behavior Management turned ON, we automatically put all the parents in the pending approval state, even when you invite them through emails. This is to make sure that the teacher checks that the parent is claiming the correct student information in the class. 

Where do I find the pending Verification Requests and how do I approve them?

  • You can see the Verification Requests through the Notification Bell(OR)

You can see in the Manage tab of the class in the Verification Requests.