You can now set the Quiet Hours on Bloomz!!!!

During quiet hours the user will stop to receive the email notifications and push notifications. When you see the message threads you will be seeing a tool tip message saying that you are in quite hours. The participants in the thread also will see the message that you are in quiet hours and will not be responding to the messages.

You can set the quiet hours by following these steps - 

  1. Click on the setting icon in the bottom of left nav
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Click Notifications
  4. Click Quiet Hours
  5. Click turn ON the toggle button
  6. Select the days for which you want to set the quiet hours
  7. Enter the Start and End Time
  8. Click Save.


When you are in Quiet Hours - 

This is how you will see all your message threads 

This is how the sender of the message will see it -