Enabling Behavior for Existing Class


You can turn ON the Behavior Management from your Class Settings

  • Click on the class name from the left navigation bar 
  • Click on the Settings wheel 
  • Click on Edit Settings 
  • Under the Features tab, turn ON Interaction & Attendance
  • Click Save

After you enabled the Behavior Management for your class: 

  • All the existing students will be listed in the Interactions tab of your class. If you have to add more students, please do so. Check out the links below.
  • Existing parents and the students will be automatically associated
  • Every student will start with an empty pot
  • Click on the student to give an award to the student
  • As the students get awards, the plant will start to grow
  • A flower will bloom if they get 25 points
  • You can check the points given to the students under the behavior tab 

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