Administrators can access and review the Admin Dashboard in order to see details and deliverability of communication within the Bloomz Program.

  • Log into Bloomz 
  • Click on the District or School level you want to see data from
  • Access the Admin Dashboard to tab to see these areas of data
  • Filter dates as needed for data  

Deliverabilty Report: Shows Communication sent out

Import Statistic/ Contactability: Shows account connection & modalities

Parent Contactability: Shows number of Parents that are accessing communication & modality

Student Contactability: Shows number of students that are accessing communication & modality

Sent Details:  Shows details on communication sent, recieved & read

Drill Down with icons displayed:

See Post Details & Post Deliverability Report

  • See Overall Contactability Status: view data to see the details for a post delivery for modailty. 
  • See Summary Report: summary details, including posts reched, post scheduled, recipients, comment status
  • See Language Distribution: view translate language distribution chart
  • See Deliverability Details per member:  drill down further to see members delivery details along with modalities of receiving communication

Viewing Auto Notice Execution Stats from Admin Dashboard:

  • From the dashboard page, filter down the auto notice post through Auto Notices filter button.
  • Click on View Report icon on any specific auto notice instance and see the deliverability report.

If you do not see the Dashboard and want that enabled- please contact