How do I submit a health check as a parent, student, teacher, staff, or administrator?

NOTE: Make sure you have first accepted the invitation into the community/class. You can click your notifications icon (bell icon in the top right-hand corner) to accept any invitations. 

There are three different options to access your health check form: 

  • Notifications: Bell icon in top right corner of the app
  • Profile: Clicking health tab or + to add a new entry
  • Calendar: Directly clicking on the health check event if this was sent out to the community or class.

  1. You might have received a reminder message from the school or teacher to submit a health check through a text message or email. Here is an example of an email notification:

  1.  Go to your app on the phone or on the desktop and log in. Click on the notifications icon (bell icon) in the top upper right-hand corner.

NOTE: If you do not receive a notification, you can also submit the health check through by clicking your profile icon or clicking directly on the calendar invite. For more information, go to I need to submit a health check, but never received a notification or request.

  1. The Health Check notification will be here. You will need to click “Submit Now ….”

  2. Select Yes or No next to each symptom(s) listed in this survey. your child or you might be experiencing, or check “No Symptoms”. Click Save in the top right-hand corner when completed. 

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