You can add teachers to your community by following these quick and simple steps:

  1. Click on your community in the left navigation tray
  2. Click Manage icon on the top
  3. Click Parent
  4. Click +Parent
  5. Click Parent role in For Which Role? screen
  6. Select one of the three invite options in How to Invite? screen

Option1: Type emails manually
 If you have the emails of parents, this option is highly recommended. Once you invite all the parent emails to your class. Bloomz treats the emails you entered as a Class distribution list and any communication posted on Bloomz will go as emails to all the parents even if they have not registered on the app yet.

  1. Click Type emails manually in the How to Invite? screen.
  2. Copy paste email addresses or type email addresses manually in the To field separated by commas.
  3. Tap Send.
  4. An email with invitation code on your behalf will be sent to the all email addresses entered.

Option 2: Use your Phone's email or gmail app

  1. Click Use your Phone's email or gmail app in the How to Invite? screen.
  2. Select Default Email App Or Gmail in the Send Email Using screen.
  3. The email compose screen opens with text in BCC, subject and body. 
  4. Feel free to modify the text in the subject / Body.
  5. But Do not Delete the content in the BCC.
  6. In the To field of the compose screen enter the email addresses of the all parents to whom you want to send the invites.
  7. Tap Send.
  8. The composed email will be sent to the parents immediately and following that an email with invitation code will be sent to all the parents in the To field.
Options 3: Bulk Import (Desktop Only)
  1. This option is only available to desktop users only
  2. Select Bulk Import on the How to Invite? screen.
  3. Import emails from a excel spreadsheet by selecting Upload and choosing the File name
  4. Note: The document should follow the format indicated on the Upload screen 
  5. Tap Send
  6. An email with invitation code on your behalf will be sent to the all email addresses entered.