As a school admin, you can create all the classes in your school at one go!

  • Click on the school name under the Filter by Communities label in the left navigation tray
  • Click Manage 
  • Click on Classes/Groups tab 
  • Click + Class/Group
  • Click Class in the Group Type 
  • Click Add Another to add more classes at one go as many times as the number of classes you want to create
  • Enter the Class Names
  • Select the Grades of each class you entered
  • Select I am an Admin
  • Choose the Class Options (PS: these options will be applied to all the classes you create, the teacher of the class can always change these settings later)
  • Click Save

All the classes will be added to your community and will start showing up under the classes/ groups tab of your community. Now you can invite respective teachers to these classes. They will be automatically added to the community as teachers when you invite them to the class. The teachers can invite the parents to their classes or you can invite the parents to the classes as well.