You can create a subgroup within your community and name it your PTA or other preferred name, then invite Staff, Admin and members to that group. Here are the steps to create the group:

Creating PTA Group/ other sub groups:

  1. Click on your community in the left menu
  2. Click +Create 
  3. Click Sub Group
  4. Click Sub group
  5. Enter the name of the sub group, eg: "PTA or Parent Group" 
  6. Click Save

Adding members to the PTA Group/ other sub groups:

Only the admin of the school can add all the parents in the school to the PTA group. 

To add all the school parents to the PTA group - 

  • Click on the school in the left menu
  • Click Manage
  • Click Parents
  • Click on the circle to the left of a parent 
  • Click Select all /select the parents you want to add
  • Click +class/group
  • Click PTA Group/ other groups
  • Click Members

This will add members to the Sub group. 

To add an admin to the Sub group please click here.